Initial police charge of Climate Camp

This is an excellent overhead view of the first police charge on Climate Camp, which kettled the majority of protestors there, just after 7pm.

For context: before the riot police arrived, most people were sitting round eating supper, we’d been there since 12pm with a wonderful friendly atmosphere, bankers had been walking through leaving work with no hassle, policing had been low-key with normal uniforms rather than riot gear.

The camp was hemmed in on both sides by tall buildings, and the end away from the police charge shown was blocked off by rows of police and nose-to-tail police vans. The police were charging people with no way out. The effect of the police charge was just that the road was now blocked to pedestrians as well as motor vehicles, and the kettle ensured that it would remain so until well into the night. I cannot understand the operational reasoning behind this, there was no practical advantage and much lost.

Protestors in the video can be seen raising their hands (to indicate no weapons), linking arms (to avoid being pushed to the ground and trampled), chanting ‘this is not a riot’ and ‘shame on you’.


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