‘I saw one cop break his shield on the guy next to me’

I was in and out of the Climate Camp all day, after escaping from the Bank of England trap by saying I needed medication and being let out by a police medic. The Climate Camp was completely peaceful, there was no bother, no aggression, just lots of people milling around in a kind of festival atmosphere I guess. I met up with some people I knew, one of them had bought some beers, so I drank a couple. We all left to find a toilet and I went of to get some more beer. When I got back, it must have been about 7-730 there was no longer a way in or out of the Climate Camp. The police had parked vans tightly together all accross Bishopsgate. I was on the north? side, towards Liverpool Street, on the Bishopsgate, Camomile street junction. For the next few hours the police gradually escalated their numbers and the level of readiness to kick off, without many protesters really seeming to notice. By about 10 there were quite a lot of them in full riot gear, with dogs, earlier there had only been a few and they weren t fully tooled up. They kept on marching batches of them through the protesters to join up with the other one by the vans, so me and a couple of others decided to link arms and just try and make it a bit more difficult for them to reinforce themselves. The started pushing us back which was fair enough, then one of them tried and very nearly succeeded in kicking me in the knackers, he was quite deliberately trying to do this, which is ungentlemanly conduct and frowned upon by all right thinking people. Somewhat annoyed I remonstrated with him a bit and was hit in the face with a riot shield, as I turned to my fellow protesters in shock he hit me in the face again, causing my nose to bleed. This was around 22-2230. After that they then got ready to push us back and things became slightly more tense. They started pushing us back usingg their shields as clubs. Some of us tried a sit down protest but after tolerating it for a minute the police just started laying into to people all round me who were sitting down with their shields with quite a lot of force. I saw one cop break his shield on the guy next to me. Some people behind me just dragged me back and to my feet and the police chased us down Bishopsgate a bit, we were clearly no match for a paramilitary force and so I decided that enough was enough and that seemed to be the general consensus of most other people. All I can say is that I ve been on a few demos that have turned nasty, but I ve never seen unprovoked police aggression on this scale before. It was totally over the top and a disgrace.


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