Legal advice

Following is from Climate Camp Legal Team, who do NOT run this blog, but I think they are awesome and excellent, not to mention incredibly hard-working, and you should give them chocolate. Please check their website for current advice. If you were at the G20 but NOT at Climate Camp, please see LDMG.


Lots of people are writing to us with evidence of police misbehavior and
there certainly seems to be grounds for complaint in many of them.
However, crucially complaints and legal claims need to be brought by
individuals: we can’t do it on your behalf.

What we are doing is:

1.        We are making sure we have the evidence available to us sorted
so we
can locate supporting evidence for those arrested or those who bring
complaints of assault and so forth against the police.
2.        We are exploring whether there is a legal challenge
strategically worth bringing this time. If so, we will be looking for potential litigants.
3.        We are preparing report and film on the Camp and may be in
contact with some of you to use your statements.  We  have made no decision as to what we will do with the report at this point.
4.        We have a particular interest in how those with injuries or
illnesses were treated by the police – so if you have relevant evidence there please let us know. Depending on the evidence, we may focus on this as an area of

What you could do:

If you were wrongfully arrested, or assaulted and injured by a police
officer, you  may be able to bring a case against the police.  Please
contact Bindmans in the first instance.  If they do not have the capacity
then we can recommend other firms of solicitors who have worked with
activists in the past.  We may have supporting evidence so let us know if
we can help.  Please keep us informed of the outcomes.

If you were arrested and charged, let us know as we may have supporting
evidence that may help with your defense.  You will need to give your
solicitor your consent to them talking to us or they will not be able to
tell us about your case.  Please keep us informed of the outcome.

Otherwise, you can do the following:

1.        Complain to the police – – about an individual
police officer or the policing generally.  You will need to give your
contact details and they will want to interview.  Don’t hold your breath
for a positive outcome but don’t let this put you off.  The more
complaints, the more people on the Metropolitan Police Authority may be
able take up some of the issues.

2.        And write to your MP (let them know you have complained – you could
send them a copy) –  Encourage them to write to the
Home Office and invite them to see for themselves and visit a Camp.

3.        And tell everyone you know.

Please keep reading the legal updates as our recommendations and requests
may change, especially once we have more information on what charges
people are facing.

Meanwhile write up anything relevant now and email us, let us know if you
have footage and we will send you some information on how to share it with
us, keep copies of any original notes, photos and film (and keep them for
12 months).

Finally, there are two personal injury claims in relation to the Monday
morning and afternoon police raids at K5 at  Kingsnorth.  So if you have
potentially relevant footage let us know and we can refer you to the
solicitor dealing with these cases.

Legal Support Team – legal at climatecamp dot org dot uk


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