What can I do?

I will be back, I will protest again, and I will stick to non-violence no matter what they do to us. We can’t let them get away with attacking a peaceful protest.

Whether or not you were there yourself, please let the powers that be know that you know about the police violence and oppression.

I’ll be writing to my MP (http://www.writetothem.com/)

Met Police https://secure.met.police.uk/complaints/ (is this complaints form the best contact?).

Mayor of London mayor@london.gov.uk

Tell people what happened. Pass this blog on, write up your story and send it to duck at riseup dot net for posting here. Also email to Climate Camp legal team, legal [@] climatecamp.org.uk
Check out Indymedia UK for reports and upcoming protests about police violence, also London Indymedia.

Further suggestions for action very welcome, please leave a comment. We cannot and will not let them stop us.


5 responses to “What can I do?

  1. Best contact for a complaint is apparently the IPCC. I sent them a complaint on Thursday and was replied to with a letter arriving today saying that my complaint had been referred to the City of London police’s Professional Standards Department.


  2. I’d also strongly suggest writing to any of those London Assembly members who are on the Metropolitan Police Authority to let them know of your feelings.

    Green Party AM, Jenny Jones is already aware of the situation and is bringing it up at the MPA. I would suggest lobbying other members so that there is awareness of the situation prior to the meeting

    A list can be found here:
    and direct e-mail addresses can then be found here:

  3. People could write to Commander Bob Broadhurst, as he was supposedly in charge of the rabble, try:

    Metropolitan Police Service
    New Scotland Yard
    SW1H 0BG

    And send a copy to your MP. There’s a good chance a petition will appear on the 10 Downing Street website, sign it. It’ll do bugger all good for the world, but everyone will feel better!

  4. 1. record any injuries sustained, and photgraph them. Get a doctors cert if possible.

    2. Write your fullest account of what happened to YOU.

    3. Get in touch with Binders & Co. Best solicitors in the UK on dealing with police brutality. They handled the Fairford Coaches incident. They will probably do one case to cover the entire event at Climate Camp.

    4. Get some healing too. Trauma has a way of rebounding as the various stages work through. homeopathy : Aconite for shock, Arnica for bruisning.

    5. Bless you for your willingness to protest peacefully on all our behalf.

    6. Certainly write to yer local papers, councillors, mps, mainstream press etc etc, just as a matter of record.

    7. What is needed is to ID EVERY riot-police person, via whatever visuals are available and by access to the police logs, files and preparatory notes through Freedom Of Information Requests.

    8. Meet with others who have been through this terrible incident – it helps to share.

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